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Call or Email Us with your Important Financial Questions Today at 520 600 7307

Please feel free to ask about our fraternal scholarship program for your child or grandchild. 

Additionally, we offer the Coverdell Education Savings Account to assist students with tax free funds for their expenses.

Fraternal societies underwrite these member benefits, so membership is required.   Please ask how your loved ones may qualify.

Since we began our life's work in 1992 based on the fraternal lodge principles of fraternity, charity, and service, we do not mandate account minimums.





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Contact us to see why we are unique and mission driven.  We have attained the highest education standards in the fraternal insurance system with the FIC/FICF designations.

Our mission has been guarded by St. Michael the Archangel in our efforts to provide fraternal

benefits to protect our members from danger and uncertainty.

St. Michael the Archangel is the General of God's Angelic Armies and the patron saint of policeman, fireman, and soldiers.

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