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Value of a Dollar

Through our Self Directed IRA Platform, we are able to share with you  how hard asset IRA Plans can help your traditional paper assets that are influenced by U.S. dollar strength or weakness. 

Making your Money Work Harder

Learn the power of having multiple asset classes for your retirement. Find out how to strengthen your portfolio through multiple market cycles.

Precious Metals & Alternative Assets

Learn how to protect your portfolio and cash assets with the benefits of timeless hard assets.  We can show you how to add traditional hard assets to your current IRA , Roth IRA, of Solo 401 K.

See the Advantage of Working with Self Directed IRA Specialists

For an initial and free consultation, call us at 520 600 7307 Extension 1.  We have partnered with  Directed IRA of Arizona to make available one of the most compelling self directed IRA platforms in the country.  Ask us how our affiliation will lower your fees.  You will also benefit with our designated service professional at the firm.   For more information follow the link for products, strategies, accreditations, and disclosures at Directed Trust Company's web site.   

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