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Social Security Strategies

Social Security is complicated, and we are here to navigate through the many choices with you.  We offer a complimentary and comprehensive data analysis with the help of SSAnalyzer Software from Social Security Solutions (tm).  In addition to this leading software for professionals, we are able to collaborate with a larger team of advisors dedicated to Social Security analysis and optimization.  We know that rules are only growing more complicated.  Recent legislation did not simplify claiming strategies.

Many clients know what their PIA (Primary Insurance Amount) could be in the future,  However, they utilize our team approach to determine:  

1) Best time, year, and month to begin distributions

2) Evaluate best strategy in coordination with client's spouse 

3) Tax consequences of their Social Security decision

4) How to best incorporate RMD's of their Individual qualified retirement accounts (IRA, SEP, Roth) 

5) Reverse engineer spousal benefit for those clients that already have elected their benefits


Knowledge is Power

You don't have to be alone in this decision of a lifetime.  Apply to partner with our financial team and enjoy the satisfying results many clients across the United States are enjoying right now without the nagging worry questioning if they made the right decision.  When you speak to one of our associates, ask how you may qualify for a free copy of the companion book to the software.  We have it printed in its 3rd edition while supplies last.

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